Pooters’ Wool Cover – Merino Wool Shorties Review

This post is not sponsored, just me sharing my own thoughts and opinion 🙂

Picture of baby kneeling wearing cream colored knitted wool cover

Alright, I thought it would be time to share my thoughts on Pooters’ Merino Wool shorties! It was our first piece of wool and we have been using it for about ~6 months now. I’m happy to share that we love it, not just because it’s a great product, but also because it’s from an amazing small business with an amazing mission.

Pooters is a black-owned, woman owned, small cloth diapering shop run by a sweet mama. You can really see the thought, care, and level of integrity they hold just from reading through their about page. Their mission to provide natural and organic solutions so parents don’t have to sacrifice convenience is inspiring. I also personally relate to her desire to live sustainably because I believe it’s better for my family and our planet, even though it isn’t the most convenient or easiest lifestyle to choose.

With that in mind, I will say that while cloth diapering does require extra work to clean and prep the diapers, adding a wool cover to your stash is SO worth it. I wish I had started using it sooner! I’ve been very pleased with Pooters’ Merino Wool Shorties. Let me walk you through some of my thoughts on them!

Baby wearing cream colored wool shorties

Color options: The Merino Wool Shorties come in two colors – a beautiful navy color and a gorgeous cream! Knowing that I didn’t want or need very many wool covers, I chose the color that I knew I would be happy with for both everyday use and long-term, that gorgeous cream color! There’s also just something so sweet about seeing babies in light colored neutrals! Every evening putting them on my freshly bathed babe brings a smile to my face.

Feel & texture: The feel of the wool was surprisingly very soft! I didn’t know what to expect. When I usually think of wool, I think of those itchy wool sweaters. That was definitely NOT the case here! The Merino Wool Shorties are super soft, stretchy, and cool to the touch. I feel so good knowing that my son can sleep comfortably with a breathable and non-restricting diaper cover at night. The fact that it’s made from all natural materials and has no chemicals also gives me peace of mind.

Functionality: No leaks! Wool itself does an impressive job at retaining moisture and the Merino Wool Shorties lives up to that expectation. Pairing it with our overnight Sloomb fitteds has given us 100% coverage for those 10-12 hour nights!

Sizing: My son was about 7 months when I purchased our Merino Wool Shortie, so we chose the 6-12 month sizing option, for 10-20 lbs. He’s about 10 months in these photos. He is now 13 months and just about 20-21 lbs so we’ll be due for an upgrade soon, mostly because he’s gotten so long. The stretchiness really helps! Keep in mind that the overnight fitteds and inserts you use will be bulkier than your average daytime cloth diapers, so you also don’t want your wool covers to be too tight.

Here are the sizes they offer:
3-6 months / 6-15 lbs
6-12 months / 10-20 lbs
12-24 months / 18-30 lbs
2-3 years / 20-40 lbs

Durability: Merino wool covers will naturally pill overtime. This doesn’t change the durability of the wool cover per se, but from an aesthetic perspective it will show some wear overtime and also depending on how frequent and how gentle you are during the cleaning process. Since wool covers are hand washed and never wrung, the pilling has been very minimal for me.

I hope this review was helpful to you. If you’re on the fence with this purchase, you own’t be disappointed! Please let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you in the comments below.