Easy Houseplants for Mom

My favorite thing about houseplants is that they can brighten up any space and make your home and office decor much cozier! While they do require maintenance (as all living things do), there are some that are easier than others. This post will cover the house plants that I personally have and grow and recommend for my friends who are new to plant parenthood or have self-proclaimed black thumbs.

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant. This plant is the easiest plant to take care of. They do well even in low or artificial light conditions and will be okay if you forget to water it. This is my top recommendation for new plant parents or for my friends who can’t remember to water their plants.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant. The Spider Plant is a great candidate for hanging baskets or top of the shelf. These little guys multiply easily and will also be okay if they are a little parched! When they multiply you will see stems of little white flowers bloom and then form mini spiders. Mine has multiplied so many times that I brought all of their babies to work share with my coworkers. If you don’t love the “spider” look, you can snip the flowers before they bloom. I would also recommend this to beginner plant parents!

Variegated Pothos

Pothos. Pothos are another super easy and low maintenance option. They can even grow in just water! These do well in semi low or artificial light conditions. I once worked in a cubicle with hardly any windows and had these thrive in artificial light! My favorite is when they get become really long vines and cascacascading plant. Plus they come in so many different shades and patterns and are pretty cheap.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plant. Another beautiful and relatively easy houseplant that gets its name for the way its leaves clothes up as in a prayer at night. I love propagating these plants in water. I would say these are slightly more difficult than the first three, only because you will want to keep a closer eye on level of moisture in soil. If they get too parched, the leaves will dry up. However, I’ve missed a few days of watering before and they bounce back just fine. (You can see the tips of the leaves that have gotten a little crispy). There are so many varieties of Prayer Plants and they are all so beautiful!

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa. Monsteras are actually happy plants and are one of the easier to grow and propagate. The bigger the pot, the bigger the leaves. I like to joke that they can be monsters! Also the more mature the plant, the more slits and holes it will have. They are perfectly fine in between waterings and will thrive in warmth and light. You can see the one I have pictured is a propagated one that went from having no slits (lower leaves) to now having a few! I look forward to seeing some holes sprout up over the next few months!

Pilea or Money Plant

Pilea. Pileas multiply so easily and start of tiny if you want a small and easy plant. Give her plenty of sunlight and water when soil is dry. As you can see here, mine has started to multiply pretty quickly! I plan on eventually taking the babies out and repotting them.

Rubber Plant / Ficus

Rubber Plant. The Rubber Plant also known as the Ficus is a beautiful plant that has an easy temperament. They do especially well when placed near a window but make sure it isn’t too hot. Mine grew twice as fast when she had access to sunlight. You will want to let her soil dry out in between waterings and she will be fine. These come in the regular deep green color, ruby red, or variegated.

Do you have any of these plants? Do you have any other relatively easy plants in your collection that you’d like to recommend? Share in the comments below!