Central California: Artichoke Farm Getaway

Last week was my last week of maternity leave before going back to work. Part of me wanted to go on a mini overnight trip, a quick getaway, somewhere relatively close since we’ve been stuck indoors SO much between the pandemic and west coast wildfires. I mentioned it to my husband and he found this cute Airbnb on an Artichoke Farm in Monterey. It was the perfect quick getaway if you live in the Bay Area!

Before I knew it we booked the trip, only a short 2 hour drive south from San Francisco. My sisters and mother-in-law also came with us since the house was so spacious and had three rooms! The entire Airbnb was stunning. I think I spent a full minute just taking it all in upon entering, so visually satisfied, my soul feeling so much room to breathe, and my heart full of joy. I tried taking a few pictures but it was tough with a hungry baby. (Pre-baby me would have gone through every room to snap pics haha).

We spent most of our time indoors. This place was the perfect getaway for a time like this. Pretty isolated. Close to the coast and nature for lots of hikes. Something a little novel (artichokes) and good food (market next door). Gotta have good food. We went during the week and it was really so great. I imagine it is more crowded on the weekends. The property itself is small and quaint. The artichokes are not for picking, but since the Airbnb is right on the farm, the scenery make for great pictures!

We did a short hike at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. The weather was colder than I anticipated (I really should have planned for colder weather, it being the coast and all). Baby was with Steven for the first part and wasn’t really having it. It was his (Steven’s) first time using the ring sling and I really regretted not bringing the Boba wrap for a hike! My sisters and I had a fun time taking pictures and walking around. I wore baby for the second trail and he seemed to like that a little better which warranted a longer hike. The views were gorgeous. We even saw a few seals laying on the shore. Overall, it’s a beautiful, easy and short trail and totally doable with a baby!

For food, we went to Walmart to get a few cooking supplies like steaks and wine, and also the family owned market on the property. They had a wide selection of artichokes, seasonal vegetables, and artisanal goods! For dinner we made spaghetti with pasta and sauce purchased from the market. We also grabbed bread with artichoke toppings. So good! We had a fun time cooking artichokes (in the microwave, haha we were optimizing for efficiency as first time artichoke chefs) and eating them!

If you’re looking for a quick and easy getaway from the Bay Area during the pandemic, Monterey is a great option.