One Little Yuan

Sharing my story to empower other women to share their story.

One Little Yuan began from a renewed longing for community. Let me explain what I mean. Community to me is being able to share and live your life with others. Where you can get to know each other and become close. As I’ve gotten older, I noticed that I had become more private and kept personal things to myself, but motherhood changed me. I longed to share my experiences of my pregnancy journey, miscarriages, and motherhood with others. To connect with others who may be going through the same thing. To learn from others already farther ahead. To share current struggles and victories. To grow together in this mama community.

The journey of pregnancy and motherhood can be an isolating one. Society teaches us to cover up the blemishes instead of nurturing and tending to them, or even wearing those scars afterwards proudly. My hope is that my story would be an encouragement to someone out there, especially if you’re feeling alone. Before I was ready to share my story of miscarriage, I felt like I didn’t have someone that could relate to my experience that I could talk to. I had good friends who were willing to listen, but I felt like a broken record. It wasn’t until later after some time that I learned of other friends who had gone through the same thing as me. It made me realize even more so how common all of these challenges surrounding infertility, pregnancy, and motherhood are and how there is a need for these stories to be told and heard.

I want to share my story for the women who aren’t ready to have kids, but one day want to. I want to share my story for the new mamas out there who are learning to navigate this new life with a newborn. I want to share my story for my sisters, so they know that they are never alone and that there is a powerful healing that can come with testimony. I want to share my story for my children, so they can look back and see that life may have its challenges, but hope and love persevere.

This is my story of motherhood, which all began with One Little Yuan.

Thanks for reading and following along.